Welcome to a world of opportunities! Whether you choose to participate in a journey of 336 Hours, 240 Hours or 168 Hours, your experience will be like no other. Accompanied by experienced leaders and introduced to outstanding humanitarians, you will be led on a trip that will stretch you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Come prepared to put your heart and your hands to work. Help us in our quest to understand what true service is. Join us so that together we can empower communities to become self-sustaining. Make a difference in the life of one child or one family or one village by hands-on service projects! Discover for yourself how this unique program will make a difference in YOU! Make memories! Make life-time friends! Make every hour count by reaching out to those in need. This is a life-experience - a life-changing one. This is travel, but with a difference - a meaningful difference.

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La Chancleta School Makeover