What we Go. See. And Do! - in one word: Empower!

Sometimes we GO.SEE - Most times we DO!
We GO into both urban and rural areas of the North of the Dominican Republic. We demonstrate to the people who live there that we care. We walk the laneways of Dominican barrios and Haitian bateys. We are joined by scores of children as we pass by their little houses. We walk hand-in-hand. We carry babies. We give lots of high-fives. We hug lots of kids and moms. We watch men playing dominoes. We SEE life as it is in the developing world. We SEE poverty, unimaginable poverty. We witness unbelievable challenges. We feel the pain and suffering. We hear the cries for help. We cry. We understand the hardships. We question the existence of crowded run-down schools, puddles of grungy water, unsafe houses with leaky roofs, polluted rivers, lack of medical care. We marvel at the joy and spirit of the people. We realize "there but for the grace of God go I." We appreciate the generosity and kindness shown us everywhere we go. We resolve to DO something! We find the run-down school most needing a makeover! We fall in love with the children. We meet with the principal. We talk to the parents' association. We listen to the needs of the community. We attend the meeting of the local Rotary Club. We plan together how we can help the people help themselves. We talk about sustainability. We dig in! We work together. We make magic together. We clean up. We paint. We fix. We build. We create. We sing. We work in teams. We mix cement. We spread gravel. We sweat. We play. We laugh. We get dirty. We teach. We invite helpers. We make our hours count. We make a difference. We celebrate. We give thanks.

It is hoped that this trip will empower YOU just as it has empowered the hundreds who have already experienced a powerful Go.See.Do. Trip. And it is hoped that your presence in the communities we visit will in turn empower those who live there to become self-sustaining - this is what Go.See.Do. Trips is all about.

You have the power to make a difference. Come prepared to give of yourself. This is your project - make your hours count! When you take a look at our photo albums, you will see the difference others have made.



Take a look at our photo albums to see the difference others have made.

Empowering Communities (pdf)

Extreme School Makeovers!'(pdf)

Power Hours (pdf)

Memorable Moments (pdf)

La Chancleta School Makeover (QuickTime)