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A complete medical questionnaire is included in your application kit and a last-minute questionnaire to update your health status will be sent to you two weeks prior to departure.

It is strongly recommended that you visit a travel doctor or your family doctor at least 6 weeks prior to departure.

Talk to a Travel Medical Specialist:

Explain that:
  • You will be working in rural areas around Puerto Plata and / or Santiago area
  • You will spend time in barrios (shantytowns) of Dominican people around Santiago and Puerto Plata
  • You will spend time in barrios of Haitian people who live amongst the sugar cane fields near Puerto Plata and on the outskirts of Santiago
  • You will be accommodated in a basic retreat centre for volunteers; you will sleep under a mosquito net
  • You will NOT be near the Haitian boarder
  • You will drink only bottled water
  • We will be in contact with many local children as we work in the barrios, sugar cane villages and bateys of Puerto Plata and / or Santiago

There are many good websites you should check for complete and up-to-date medical advice: - a site created by doctors for world travelers - Canada's Public Health site of travel advice - American Centre for Disease Control - click on Travelers' Health - Travel doctor advice from an Australian site - International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers, head office can be reached at 416.652.0137 in the Toronto Area - The World Health Organization's travel information site - Twinrix - Protection against Hepatitis A and B

The Health Canada site includes locations of travel clinics throughout Canada.