A donation of a minimum of $500 U.S. per participant is required, preferably raised through individual fundraising and sponsorship. This is to be used for the "bricks-and-mortar" fund and contributions to our partners. Specifically, this money will be used for the purchase of our program materials for the local projects we'll be working on: for example, tools, cement, construction materials, paint and building supplies. These will be purchased in the Dominican Republic.

Donation money will be due three weeks prior to departure in order to confirm the specific projects with our partners in the Dominican Republic. All donations are to be made payable to The Rotary Club of Oakville Charitable Trust and will be tax-receipted if over $25.00. 100% of money raised goes to the projects and the Rotary Club of Oakville acts as stewards of this money, facilitating an annual audit by a professional Chartered Accountant.

A booklet of 100 helpful fundraising suggestions can be found in the participant section.

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